Grievance Policy

Procedure for Parent/Guardian Concern or Grievance

If a parent/guardian has a concern or disagreement, he/she should schedule an appointment to discuss the matter with the teacher and attempt to resolve the disagreement through a discussion. Parents/guardians will not be allowed to address concerns with teachers during instructional time. If there is no resolution to the problem after meeting with the teacher or if the dispute does not involve a specific teacher, then the parent/guardian should contact the Dean of Students, who will mediate and attempt to resolve the problem with all parties involved. If the issue is not successfully resolved after the Dean of Student’s intervention, then the parent/guardian may contact the Head of School who will also attempt of mediation/issue resolution.

If all efforts to resolve a grievance have been exhausted with the school’s staff and leadership, then a parent may bring a grievance to the attention of the IAS Board as follows:

  • All grievances must be made in writing.  This allows all parties involved to work from a consistent body of information.
  • Generally, the IAS Board will not address a grievance that is made anonymously, based on hearsay, or made on behalf of another family.
  •  Generally, the IAS Board will not address a grievance where efforts for resolution have not been exhausted through working with the teacher, Assistant Principal, and Principal.
  • The IAS Board may, at its discretion, notify individual school employees about grievances brought against them.
  • For any grievance presented to the IAS Board, discussion will take place in a closed session. A response via written letter will be sent no later than (30) thirty days of receipt of the grievance.

Formal grievance may be sent through certified mail or electronically to the board chair.

Learning Center Foundation of Central Cobb, Inc.
Attn: Chairman of Board
2144 South Cobb Drive
Smyrna, GA 30080